Brompton Real Estate Investors (BREI) is the real estate investment management business of the Brompton Asset Management Group. BREI takes a core plus approach to investing its clients’ capital in real estate investment strategies aimed at producing attractive risk-adjusted returns in international markets.

Core plus approach

BREI has an experienced professional team with strong industry relationships. Employing a research-based approach, the team seeks to deliver compelling market opportunities for clients. The team members have extensive experience in all areas of commercial property investment and management across all main sectors. They currently manage a broad spread of assets in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

The BREI team builds relatively-conservative real estate portfolios offering stable and growing income returns and opportunities for value creation, resulting in capital appreciation.

The core plus approach aims to limit investors’ downside risk. This is partly achieved by selecting well-located, high-quality buildings with a view to constructing portfolios with a satisfactory degree of diversification. Portfolios can have a regional, country or sector-specific focus driven by the objectives of investors and prevailing market conditions.

Whilst fundamentally of a high quality, core plus assets should also offer some opportunity for value creation at the asset or market level. Examples of value creation include active asset management to improve the tenant profile of a building or lengthen leases, repositioning an asset or putting it to its best or highest use and selectively targeting sub-markets likely to experience imminent capital growth.

BREI offers a focussed and individual service to investors prepared to commit a minimum of $50m for the appropriate term to a core plus real estate strategy. The team members’ experience across Europe and the Asia Pacific region enables them appropriately to assess investors’ requirements from a risk perspective and a return requirement before recommending and executing an agreed strategy.

More conservative or less risk-averse strategies can be delivered, depending on an investor’s requirements and market conditions.