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Why Brompton

Specialised award-winning multi-asset investment manager

Exceptional investment support and service

No client conflict of interest – you keep the client relationships, the value driver of your business

As an important partner, you receive the service and attention you and your clients deserve

Brompton works with your existing proposition to minimise business or client disruption

Experienced executives and fund managers support your business at all levels

Our flexible approach helps you improve customer outcomes

As a truly supportive partner, Brompton helps your business grow and prosper

Brompton Asset Management is a multi-asset investment firm staffed by experienced professionals committed to offering investors outstanding risk-adjusted returns over the long term. Brompton’s senior partner, John Duffield, founded and chaired two of the UK’s best known retail investment businesses, Jupiter Asset Management and New Star Asset Management. Founded in 1985, Jupiter grew its assets to £14 billion under John’s stewardship. From inception in 2001, New Star’s funds grew to peak at £24.7 billion in 2007. Under John’s stewardship, Jupiter and New Star received approximately 200 investment awards. To learn more about John and his senior colleagues, please click here.

Brompton aims to offer investors outstanding risk-adjusted returns over the long term and provide advisory businesses with exceptional investment support to help them grow their businesses as effectively as possible.

Brompton is a dynamic, independent business focused on enhancing outcomes for clients. Our experienced professionals have credible track records of managing collective funds and providing investment management services. To learn more about our investment team, please click here click here.

As an independent business, we work as a highly-supportive partner to a select group of advisory and wealth management businesses, avoiding potential conflicts of interest. Focused on our twin ambitions of offering investors outstanding risk-adjusted returns over the long term and of providing exceptional investment support, we aim to help such firms grow their businesses as effectively as possible.

As the investment partner of your businesses, we will provide the tailored investment management and support that your scale merits. Our goal is to help maximise the effectiveness of your investment proposition for the benefit of your clients and your business. In helping you develop new, bespoke services, we aim to minimise disruption for your clients and your business. Our flexible approach enables you to choose the level of support and service from Brompton that is right for your business.

Jon Hodesdon, our head of multi-asset sales, has more than 30 years’ experience in financial services. To learn more about Jon, please click here. To contact Jon to discuss how Brompton can help you build your business, please click here. In addition, if you would like to speak to any of our current investment partners to discuss their experience of working with Brompton, Jon will be pleased to arrange a confidential meeting.